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 Do I have PND?

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PostSubject: Do I have PND?   Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:16 pm

Hi, my name is Sue. It all began with a miscarriage in April 2005.I was very emotional afterwards and nobody understood how I felt and I had nobody to talk to. My family and husband thought that everything was fine and I never shared how I felt.I immediately fell pregnant in May 2005 but I never celebrated the pregnancy. My first child was born in Jan 2006 and I love her to bits. I used to cry alot when no-one was around during my maternity leave. I lost interest in myself and dreaded each day.I used to think of ways to kill myself.I used to be short tempered and frustrated towards my husband. Then just as I was getting back onto my feet, and returned to work from maternity leave, I found out that I was pregnant again!! I felt as if my entire world had ended. I begged my husband for us to end the pregnancy but he would not hear of it. I cried throughout my second pregnancy and I hated being pregnant.In May 2007 my second beatiful baby was born and I cannot imagine my life without her, even though she was not planned and I initially did not want her. I love both my children and live for them but I deeply resent my husband for not understanding, not talking to me about how I felt and generally, for not being supportive. We fight all the time, I deliberately say hurtful things to him. I want him to feel some of the hurt and isolation i felt. I cry at the drop of a hat and constantly moody.There is a complete breakdown of our marriage and we are now even thinking about getting divorced. What is wrong with me??
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PostSubject: i know how you feel   Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:48 pm

Hi Desperate i know how you feel. i had a miscarriage before i had my baby girl and somehow i was relieved because i wasnt ready to have a baby but afterwards i was extremely sad weeping all the time and my fiance didnt understand and because i had prevously had an abortion i could share this with my mom so i felt alone.In 2007 i felt pregnant and felt so alone my fiance was there but he was going through his own stuff to enjoy the pregnancy with me....and the fact that we didnt plan the pregnancy made matters worst...i WANT HIM TO FEEL THE PAIN I FELT WHEN HE WAS NOT AROUND TO HELP ME WITH THE BABY.We fight all the time because i am stil hurt and angry for the responsibility i now have... i love my child but it gets too much at time but i wouldnt changed it for anything in this world.My advice to you is that do not make big decisions now because it is clear you are only acting out because you are angry with him i am sure you still love him and you dont really want to lose him.i suggest you go and talk to your gp he may help you or talk to someone who will help you understand what you are going through.

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Do I have PND?
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