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 childhood nightmare returns

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PostSubject: childhood nightmare returns   Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:43 am

From the time I was 10 to the age of 15 my mother's 2nd husband molested me, the things that he did to me were horrific. I had recieved counseling for a-while and every-thing was as fine as it could be. but ever since my little girl was born (3 months ago) I have started playing back every-thing in my head over and over. I am in a constant state of fear. I feel the fear that I felt years ago when I was 10 and I fear something happening to my baby. I cannot live like this. I love my baby with every fibre of my being but sometimes I feel like it was not right having a baby with my past cos I knew that having a baby would do this to me. counseling is no good cos they want me to talk about the actual events of what happened and I just cannot do that, I feel so ashamed of what happened to me.
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childhood nightmare returns
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