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 How do you choose???

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PostSubject: How do you choose???   Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:46 pm

My beautiful baby boy was born 8 and a half months ago. This completed our family unit as my daughter is was just over 4yrs when he was born. He has been an absolute star baby and is a delight. My daughter took a long time to settle down when he was born and her behaviour detetiorated significantly. This is however improving each day. I initially took esperide to help me cope with the frustrations of dealing with my daughter. However when I noticed that taking this drug helped me cope it also killed my sex drive, making my intimate life with my husband almost non existent. He has been wonderful, and not commented, but I began feeling like a failure and that I owed it to my husband to keep that part of our marriage going. I stopped taking the pills about 6 weeks ago and for the last 2 days I feel completely useless and worthless and can't stop crying. Have I got delayed PND or am I just being silly? Should I keep taking the tablets and grin and bear the intimate side of our relationship, thus destroying what we initially had because if I take the tablets it becomes a chore instead of a desire? I'm at my wits end here trying to choose whats best for everyone around me and then whats best for me!!!
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PostSubject: Re: How do you choose???   Tue Apr 29, 2008 3:06 pm

Talk to your GP and find out if there is maybe something else you can drink for the nerves or else maybe try to get another way of getting rid of the stress. Maybe also find something for your daughter to help her with the change in the house.

I am just giving ideas and do not have a solution as I only have one child (16months) and am struggling myself to cope with one kid. Now there may be second (unplanned) one on the way.

So all that I can say is hang in there. together we can help each other where we can.

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How do you choose???
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