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Providing information and support for women who are experiencing Postnatal Depression, and their families.
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 I just dont know anymore

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PostSubject: I just dont know anymore   Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:13 am

I am seriously struggling I have a 14week old beautiful little boy. I read thru the info on the website and its no secret i think im seriously suffering from post natal depression.. i scored 95 on the checklist
I am in a marriage that is very shacky. I live with my in law and that is trying every single day they have taken complete control of my son.
the website could not have said it any better "i asked you to help not make me feel more inadequete, i asked you to help an not take over "
I am very skeptical with taking medication i am undergoing theraphy and have been for a few years on and off for various reasons my theraphist suggested that i am suffering from PND before i found the website. I asked my gynea if it was not the Jaz pill that is maybe making me depressed, he has advised me to stop at the end of this pack. I will then play it by ear off the pill for a month or so and see what my feelings are like and my physical reactions
I am also making an appointment with a gp to go for a full physical just to make sure that there is no complications with my thyroid or anything else from the pregnancy.
even tho i m doing all of this and am on my way to trying to get better i feel totally helpless and i just wish i would go pooooffffttt and vanish (i dont want to die i just dont want to feel this way anymore)
The lady from the gauteng helpline on the website is trying to get a 6 week support group going in JHB which i strongly believe will help me and many other ladies there is a real proper tangible theraputic value when you have people sharing about their feelings especially when you can help each other from your own experiences if you suffer from the same problems BUT no one wnats to commit t the group and she needs 6 ladies .. this is horrible i feel like my life depends on this group as i want to try the group before i go onto anti depressants i wish some ladies that are suffering would give this group a chance as it could save your life and mine
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PostSubject: Re: I just dont know anymore   Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:15 pm

Hi there

Please won't you give us a call at our Cape Town office 021 7974498 (mornings only). I would just like to find out who you have been chatting to in Gauteng and maybe help get the support group up and running or find you an alternative for the time being.

Kind regards
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I just dont know anymore
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