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 Am I suffering from PND

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PostSubject: Am I suffering from PND   Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:40 pm

my baby is six month old, I started feeling very anxcious towards the end of my pregnancy . I developed some obsessive compulsive symptoms such as excessive cleaning I wanted a "germ free House". I had a very traumatic pregnancy and birth and also had a bad relationship with the babys father who didnt want to be with me. when the baby was born he totaly changed and we got married. now my baby is 6 months and I still very ancious , when i am with her i become very quiet and dont communicat much with her because a million thoughts are going through my head such as worries abot her health, am i being a good mother. I constantly worry about losing her or dropping her. I am terrified of being alone i want someone there all the time. I dont feel sad all the time, I feel extremely anxcious. What medication is used to treat this
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Am I suffering from PND
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