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 WHAT NOW? I feel hopeless

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PostSubject: WHAT NOW? I feel hopeless   Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:02 am

It took me some time to admit that I am not well. I am supposed to be the joyful new mother as expected, not a depressed, sad, angry mother. My beautiful boy is 7 months old and I feel like I am spiraling down into darkness, deeper every day. I cry most of the time - over nothing! Am extremely irritated and angry at who knows what. I feel numb and depressed and the harder I try to be my old self again the worse if gets.
So I completed the questionnaire and scored 86. Now I have to figure out what to do. It is not easy admitting that I need help. It is like admitting that I failed in the most basic and wonderful tasks of life – being a mother. What do I do now?
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WHAT NOW? I feel hopeless
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