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 Depressed 7 months after having my baby

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PostSubject: Depressed 7 months after having my baby    Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:42 pm

I feel terrible all the time now so so down i am constanly tierd i cry all the time i cant sand my hasband being anywetteare close to me i feel that my baby girl hate''s me that i am the worsed person and mother and wife that ever lived i hate my self more and more every passing day.

To make thing worse i am disabled so i strugle with a lot of things that ather mothers dont like walking with my baby when she crys i cant do that with her at all and it really gets to me big time i have a wounderfull family who helps a lot wear they can.

so why do i feel like this only now 7 months after having my baby and i did not feel like this when she was born.

I want to feel better i need help

please help me
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Depressed 7 months after having my baby
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