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 still suffering from pnd at 11 months

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PostSubject: still suffering from pnd at 11 months   Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:30 pm

hi my name is Katleho my baby is 11 months now i think i have been sufferuing from pnd from birth of my Daughter i was frustrated ,anxious ,afraid that i will hurt her and myself,still afraid even now but it got better with time i dont hit or scream at her i love her too much to hurt her but cannot remove the feelings that i might hurt her.i have help ,my mother is baby sitting her while i am at work and my Partner helps me when ever i am at his place and his mother sleeps with her when i am visiting so i do have time to relax but it wont go away the feeling notcoping.At times i feel so isolated from my baby.i feel like i am not coping then i will have headaches and feel dizzy.i sometime feel like i am not bonding with her at times.
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PostSubject: PND   Fri Aug 01, 2008 1:34 pm

Dear Katleho

Thank you for your message. You certainly do sound as though you are suffering from PND. It is very important that you get help and support. Please could you let me know where in South Africa you live so that I can put you in contact with someone in your area. Please remember that PND is an illness and it is not your fault. With the correct treatment you will get better. If you want to email us direct in the office please do so on info@pndsa.org.za.

Take care

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still suffering from pnd at 11 months
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