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 on medication but I still feel terrible, please help

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PostSubject: on medication but I still feel terrible, please help   Sun May 30, 2010 3:25 pm

Hi there

when I started to beilieve I was suffering form post natal depression i had symptoms of OCD, extreme anxiety, fears of harming myself and the baby , I contantly fear that I might snap and lose control when I am with my baby and something terrible will happen.did your check list for PND I scored 93%. I saw a psychologist and she suggested that I see a GP to put me on anti depressants, I was prescibed Zoloft I have been taking it for about a two months but I feel as if it is not working or agrevating my symptoms. what medication is commonly prescribed for PND, I would like to try aomething else? I am extremely worried of losing control, I try to block out these thoughts but they are haunting me...Please help
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PostSubject: Re: on medication but I still feel terrible, please help   Mon May 31, 2010 12:03 pm

Hi Lee

Thank you for your post. Please won't you call us as soon as possible on the helpline, or sms "help" and your name to 082 882 0072 and we'll call you back. We would like to put you in contact with a PND specialist who can help you.

Look forward to heaaring from you.

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on medication but I still feel terrible, please help
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